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We are thrilled to present the first vinyl reissue of Troubled. Originally pressed in 1970, this extraordinary garage demo barely made it outside of its hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. We hope this vinyl edition will reach folks who were allergic to checking it out in CD form. For the LP, 500 exact repro copies were pressed at RTI with heavy, textured jackets produced by Stoughton. Just like the original these were printed by letterpress, this time around at Dependable Letterpress here in San Francisco. Each copy includes a copy of the original insert as well. The CD version has a different cover and contains a 20 page booklet. Add the CD to your LP order for just $5 more!

This album is available digitally through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc.

Each one of us gave all we had, we believed in what we were doing. Finally, tired and spent with nothing more to add or fix, it seemed to me its success or failure was completely out of our hands. We said our goodbyes and thanks to the sound man, who really had been very patient with us, and walked out into the morning air. The sun was shining and we talked about breakfast. I believe we felt we had really done something.

-- Janet Tiessen, drummer for the New Creation

"We're tired of empty living"...There was a beautiful trend in Christian music in the late '60s and early '70s. The kids got to make their own LPs. In tune with the times, there was the sense that doors were opening, anything was possible, personal discovery and expression had more value than old rules, dogma, knowledge blindly accepted from outside oneself. "We're tired of talking religion, we want to talk with God." Every individual could be a seeker, find out about their spiritual side and communicate it to others. Add rock & folk music and you get a bonanza of wonderful LP records made in small local pressings by "amateur" musicians and singers. The New Creation is amongst my favorites, the sincerity and verve in the performances remain fresh to the ear and heart thirty years later. Every track here is a magical doorway into a time when liberal thinking was ascendant, minds were expanding, music was filled with new ideas, and the kids were ready to fly as soon as they mastered a few guitar chords. The opening sound collage here may as well have been titled "Food for Thought," seems like every issue and idea except the kitchen sink is expressed. Each track on this LP is a potential personal fave, from the VU stylin' "Sodom & Gomorrah" to the achingly beautiful "Wind." Spiritual Revolution, "That irresistible Man from Galilee is quite upsetting the show!"..."Here in the 20th century, fantastic times with God!" Indeed. Circular melodies, terrific melodic garageband atmosphere—this is a special experience, and one that gets better with every play. Long live the New Creation!

-- Paul Major, vinyl archaeologist, co-editor of
Enjoy The Experience

How the three of us got started together, innocent of any future project, just firm and exuberant in our faith – with a deep and pressing conviction, that maybe we could make a difference – with a panacea of a kind to offset the sudden drug explosion, is all a bit of a mystery.

Then how the songs, in their astonishing force, suddenly “arrived,” was a miracle. And more so the tunes — they kept coming with blazing speed, some fifty of them. What were we to do with what we had? Unpretentious and unsophisticated, we had no agenda — and the world of music, out there, was hi-tech.

With the encouragement of family and friends, we prayed much and we practised, we sorted out songs, and, by the Grace of God, suddenly found ourselves with a studio – $750 for 12 hours. We had worked the night before into the early hours – still raw on the opening piece, “We Need a Revolution.” I rather feel that the studio crew was alarmed at the blinding speed with which the songs poured out — only two or three needing a 2nd take. Then coffee and cake and we were done.

I believe we processed 50 records, mainly for family and friends. A radio station in Hawaii played our songs for 3 hours, and the local TV station in Vancouver gave us 1/2 hour. And that was that.

Until, dear Will Louviere somehow found our record, and undertook with exuberance and kindly persistence to resurrect that which lay dormant. We are most grateful – and now it’s in your hands. One simply has to smile – God sure works in mysterious ways.

-- Lorna Towers, singer and songwriter for the New Creation

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