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V/A – Teen Dance Music from China and Malaysia

V/A – Teen Dance Music from China and Malaysia

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A few years ago I stopped into one of my favorite local suburban thrift stores and was startled to find rows and rows of South East Asian LPs in the record bins - many adorned with fantastic psychedelic/mod cover art designs. The cashier informed me they had been dropped off in paper bags by an older Asian gentleman less than an hour before my arrival. I bought the entire lot, whizzed back to my apartment and spent the next couple weeks scouring it for the best material. This CD is the result.

At the time it was one of the most exotic finds I'd happened upon. I had never seen or heard anything quite like these records and was amazed at the fantastic East/West blends created by these long-lost, hopelessly obscure pop groups. I consciously left certain artists/title credits untranslated and wrote casual, vague, nearly info-free liners. My intent was to present the collection in the same way it had been presented to me: completely alien, foreign and without context.

If I had my druthers, I'd have redone those liners for this issue. I don't love 'em. I also would have replaced a few of the songs with other ones I've found since. Thing is, it would have cost me like a million $$ extra (the company offered me an affordable price but only if I used the same archived files). Oh well, looks like I'll just have to get volume 2 rolling. Anyway, a lotta people out there liked this CD when it was first released and after a million requests for a repressing, here it is.   –Will Louviere


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