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Charlie Tweddle – Fantastic Greatest Hits

Charlie Tweddle – Fantastic Greatest Hits

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We produced this first reissue of eccentric folk artist Charlie Tweddle's self-released 1974 LP Fantastic Greatest Hits back in 2004. More than 40 years later it stands as a unique blend of psychedelic country and tape experiments.

Charlie felt sure his new style of music would take the world by storm – it didn't work out that way. Recorded in 1971, 500 copies of Fantastic Greatest Hits were pressed in 1974 under the name Eilrahc Elddewt with extravagant packaging. The LP was hand-distributed and received only minimal positive feedback; sales were poor.

Why? Well for one, side two of the album is 25 minutes of chirping crickets and sound fragments. The abrupt patches of dead air on side one probably didn't help much either. More than a few of these albums were returned as "defective". Of course, all of these production moves were intentional.

The CD was transferred from a copy of the original album. It includes six unreleased tracks from the same period as well as all of the original artwork in a fold-out digipak. We hope you find it as compelling as we do.

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